Providing Premium Quality Tea from around the world is what we do !!

We create a box for you of different varieties of tea from around the world from which we have picked to be the absolute best. All of our teas are included in the categories of premium and high-quality, certified organic or Fair-Trade Certified. We get teas from vendors in North America who are certified by the Tea Board of India, which means many of our Darjeelings, Assams and Nilgiris are 100% pure teas, from the gardens without the addition of any "filler" teas.


A little about us…

In 2012, we attended a Startup Weekend and met influential upcoming entrepreneurs.  Super high on adrenaline and very excited to start an online eCommerce business we began brain storming ideas.  My wife, Valerie, has always been a tea enthusiast and she suggested that we should start an online tea selling business. She was done paying premium prices for low quality teas. We began gathering a plan on what and how we should roll this out. We started talking to vendors, distributors and wholesalers. Early 2013 is when we launched Packatea. We had a decent year when we started. We quickly added 281 different teas on our site. We revamped the website in early 2014 to add more functionalities and some bells and whistles.

In early 2015, we decided to work on premium teas from around the world, introduce them to our members, and that is how we started our subscription based model. We now select from a wide array of seasonal offerings as prepared by the best Tea producers in Asia, as well as some of the finest Tea Importers here in the USA. From that selection, we pick the absolute best to ship each month.  We sample every tea and only sell what we consider to be the most premium.

I grew up in India drinking chai-tea made by my grandmother. Valerie's upbringing was also influenced by her grandparents from England and the United States drinking tea. Packatea was started to fulfill our desire to create, do work on what we are passionate about and our interest in premium quality teas.  Over the years, her passion to increase our love for tea kept on growing and she has made me an avid tea lover. Since we are passionate about owning Packatea, we have put in a lot of hardwork, tons of love, our heart and soul into every step of the process from self-creating our website, marketing,  social media presence and providing premium quality tea to our customers. If you are a Packatea member, Thank you very much. You have seen us grow. If you are not a Packatea customer we would love to have you as our customer and we really hope you enjoy the experience.

-Valerie & Bhargav

Giving Back

Giving back is important. A portion of every purchase will also be donated to a cause dear to our heart, education for Autistic children and adults in India. Once per year, every Packatea subscriber will receive a free gift from us, made by these students to raise funds for their school.

Shri Jalaram Manovikas Kendra is a not-for-profit organization devoted to work for children and adult with diverse disabilities. They work to ensure that Children and adults with diverse disabilities and challenges are able to access amenities and opportunities that enable them to become self reliant, productive and economically individual citizens.

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